Date: 4th Feb 2017
Lineup: Doyle, The Dead XIII, Def Con One
Venue: O2 Academy 2, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Doyle is Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein's solo band, which has Cancerslug frontman Alex Story on vocals. Now, I am a massive fan of Cancerslug. They're not incredibly well-known (unfortunately) and therefore only tour round the States. The concept of seeing Alex in person was pretty much unfathomable to me unless I shelled out the big bucks to go to America which is, uh, not really feasible. Skip forward to when tickets are announced for Doyle, and I damn near lost my shit. Tickets were so cheap they wre practically giving them away.

I don't have a massive amount to say about the first two bands that played, their sets were pretty decent and when I had a wee chat with them after the show, they seemed like decent lads.

Alex's energy is fucking electric, and I expected no less.

After spending more than I should have on merchandise, I got the chance to meet Doyle and Alex after the show. There was a queue of people who had also gotten VIP tickets, so I slipped to the back of the queue so I could spend the most time with them.

I got a few things signed too. One being my copy of Alex Story's book - The Slugcult Bible.

Words to live by. Thank you, Alex.

I also got a couple of CD liners signed. Unfortunately, because Abominator was a Digipak, the ink ended up getting stuck on something before it could dry, so it's a little smudged and some of the paper has come off. Fucking annoying, but I'll live.

(Future Logan reporting in: I'm tarting up this entry a couple of years after it was written, so my Famous Monsters booklet has an added signature from Michale Graves, who I had the pleasure of seeing in January 2019).

I'm sure a few Misfits fans will be on my ass for having Famous Monsters as my favourite album. It's one of my favourite albums of all time, so fuck you. Get some taste.

I got my hands on the openers' setlists, but not Doyle's. The guy next to me in the VIP queue was nice enough to let me nab a photo of the one he got.

Lots of Misfits songs on the Doyle list, which is to be expected I suppose. Most people at the gig didn't even know Doyle had a solo gig going, they just came for Misfits.

Also managed to grab these too.

Def Con One and Doyle's plectrums, respectively.

To round off this post, here's the merch I got. I love pin badges and I only wish I shelled out for the other ones they had there.

Doyle also toured this year too, but they came nowhere near where I live, and I had already spent way too much within the past couple of weeks to travel to another gig. Maybe I'll get to see them again one day.