Date: 13th Oct 2013
Lineup: Children of Bodom, Napalm Death, Insomnium, Medeia
Venue: O2 Academy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Man, this one takes me back. This was the first metal gig that I ever went to. I went with my friend, and my dad took us both there because he didn't trust 2 15-year-old girls at a death metal show alone.

It's funny because death metal, and by extension, melodeath fans tend to be the nicest people on the planet. I would learn this as I went to a variety of shows in the future.

I don't actually have any photos of this gig, apart from a few photos my friend took off me and both Barney and Shane from Napalm Death. The two of them had (separately) ventured up to the merch booth during Bodom's set. Literally nobody had gone over to say hello to them. Strange, although I suppose if you're nearer the front you're not exactly gonna ditch your spot unless you want to get fucking trampled.

As I was bidding farewell to Shane, he stopped me and my friend and gave us a plectrum each.

Bestowed a gift from the big man himself! Lovely bloke, but I can't help but think of this image whenever I see him.

Also, check out the comment section on the Metal Inquisition article I stole the above picture from. Beautiful stuff.

We missed Medeia's set as we got there late. Insomnium were up next and they put on a gorgeous show. Napalm Death followed with a fucking electric set, which is to be expected. They were touring for Utilitarian, one of the finest albums of all time.

Bodom put on a grand show. Very fun. I said earlier that I didn't take any photos (I had a shitty iPod Touch at the time. You can't do shit with those). I did, however, take various crappy videos. They're about the level of what you would expect from a tiny teenager headbanging and trying to record anything of value at the same time. Tragic.

I've uploaded some choice cuts to my Vidlii account. It's all shite, but it certainly brought me back.

Bagged a shirt on the way out too.