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Sift through old website updates. They're buried amongst t-shirt offcuts, my old breast tissue, my hope for humanity, and the odd copy of Blade: Trinity (Extended Version).

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2019 09 18


The next monthly music tape is out for September. Check out what I've been listening to heavily this past month.

2019 09 09


A bit of a throwback -- recounting the first metal gig I ever went to, Children of Bodom with Napalm Death and Insomnium.

2019 08 23


The first of (hopefully) many monthly music tapes. Check out what I've been listening to heavily this past month.

2019 05 30


The first game review is up, and it's for murder mystery-turned-batshit supernatural adventure Fahrenheit. Those across the pond may know this one as Indigo Prophecy instead.

2019 05 08


Marking the launch of the Yakuza hub, for my favourite game series! No rhymes or alliteration for this section name. Shameful, I know.

2019 05 05


A new playlist has been added -- this one's called Arcade. Punchy music that makes me think of warehouses full of broken arcade machines.

2019 04 20


I head to a grungy club beneath some railway arches in Leeds to go see the true winner of Drag Race All Stars 4.

2019 04 15


I venture to the capital to go see Oomph! perform their first UK show ever. Despite the general crowd vibes feeling like that of a Tumblr convention, they were fucking great.

2019 03 13


Another new section is launched! In an effort to convince myself that "it's not hoarding, it's collecting" I've logged all the CDs I have.

2019 03 13

Coding Quarter

A stupid customer care case at work inspired this article, and this section in general. Join me on my quest to find the fastest, most efficient way to handle photos based on their EXIF data to save the client having to click the 'rotate' button.

2019 03 04


Today we lost a legend, Keith Flint. He takes the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine, dated March 1997, as The Prodigy get ready to drop The Fat of the Land.

2019 02 23

Function Junction

This time I'm off to see Dance With The Dead, one of these new retrowave bands. Let me summarise the set with these powerful words: EBM Animals as Leaders.

2019 02 19

Playlist Portal

Plague (noun) - A pestilence, affliction, or calamity on a large scale, especially when regarded as sent by God. Now a playlist!

2019 02 12

Function Junction

I re-ignited an old love for death metal when I went to see Polish death metal legends Decapitated, fresh off having their kidnapping-and-rape charges dropped. If it turns out these guys were guilty, we'll wipe this entry off and pretend the gig never happened.

2019 02 05

Magazine Mayhem

A masterpiece unveiled! This issue of PC Zone, dated September 1999, details the release of System Shock 2 as well as other mint games that are also hanging around.

2019 02 03

Function Junction

Birmingham again, this time to see VNV Nation. An honest to God beautiful show.

2019 01 31

Function Junction

Not quite as physically exhausting as last night, I went to see Mr Graves again. It was fucking brilliant.

2019 01 30

Function Junction

Famous Monsters is one of my favourite albums of all time. I got to experience Misfits' lead singer at the time, Michale Graves, belt out a few bangers from it while big hulking guys threw me around like an empty beer can. It was great!

2019 01 27

PlayStation Plaza

New video game sector! This one's for my PlayStation 2 games. Currently just a log, I hope to expand it further with game reviews and stuff. At some point. I swear 95% of this site is me just saying "I'll put more here later!"

2019 01 24

Function Junction

I make my way to Manchester to see Drag Race Season 10 girls Kameron Michaels and Blair St Clair, before camping out in a train station for the night. Ain't much more to add than that.

2019 01 21

Function Junction

Before I wrote this post, I had never been to Birmingham before. Now I can say that I have been. How fucking exciting is my life? You don't need to tell me. I can already read the expression on your face. How can I see your face? That's not for you to worry about.

Quite easily the most visually stunning show I've ever seen, I went to see Swedish metallers Avatar.

2019 01 13

Magazine Mayhem

Garbage are doing promotion for their new album Version 2.0. They take the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine, dated April 1998. Also featuring prime cuts from Fear Factory, Therapy?, Soulfly, and Pitchshifter.

2019 01 12

Function Junction

I make my way to see Enter Shikari. There's not much else to say. I've never seen so many greasy scene kids in my life.

2019 01 06

Playlist Portal

Post-surgical limbo wrapped up into a playlist -- Latency.

2019 01 06

The Godhead Merch Shed

To celebrate Jason Charles Miller's birthday (…a day late) I've launched the Godhead Merch Shed, a collection of CDs, shirts, and other fun stuff I've collected from one of the most underrated industrial rock bands of all time.

2019 01 01

Playlist Portal

Inspired by films revolving around human experimentation, I've thrown together a much longer playlist. This one's called Analgesia.

And happy new year, I guess.

2018 12 08

Magazine Mayhem

Skin from Skunk Anansie graces the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine, dated September 1996, as they get ready to release Stoosh. This one also features content from Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, and Korn.